5 Reasons to Visit the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

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Luxembourg Gardens Paris

Luxembourg Gardens definitely ranks as a highlight of our recent visit to Paris. We missed this elegant, relaxing place on earlier trips, and I’m so pleased we included it in the itinerary this season. If you go early in the day you’ll find yourself among joggers and roller bladers and local families. Here are my top 5 reasons you will want to spend time in this park if you are in or near Paris.

There’s a Palace

The centerpiece of the gardens is a real palace. Luxembourg Gardens and the palace date back to 1612. They were designed for Princess Marie de Medici, who became Queen of France. Nazis occupied the residence during WWII, and the French resistance fought nearby. The palace is now used by the French Senate.Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg GardensLuxembourg Gardens

Toy Boats Sail in the Pond

Children can sail colorful wooden toy boats in the lake. On weekends, families rent the boats for a half hour and push them with long poles across the lake. The young ones run around the lake chasing the boats and laughing. It’s simply charming.

Luxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg Gardens

The Paris Chairs Sit Scattered Throughout

The iconic green chairs of Paris sit scattered here and there, ready to enjoy. We ate take-away sandwiches made with fresh bread while we sat on chairs in front of the lake. On a sunny day. With children sailing their toy boats. And the palace as a backdrop. Life doesn’t get much better.

Luxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg Gardens

Sculptures Decorate the Landscape

Luxembourg Gardens hosts more than 100 sculptures. You will even find a small-scale replica of the American Statue of Liberty. Somehow the friendly French folks took one look at us and knew we are American and should wind around the paths to see this. As their directions were in French, we had to follow their waving arm signals and almost gave up. But rounding a bend under the trees, voila! Lady Liberty herself.

Luxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensGardens Bloom with Color

Last but not least, Luxembourg Gardens offers lovely gardens. Flowers, tall trees, and carefully groomed lawns fill the area.

Luxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg GardensLuxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens is open daily and is free.

How about you? Have you found a garden area you especially enjoyed?

P.S. The Eiffel Tower is faintly visible in one photo, and the Pantheon is in another photo. Can you spot these Paris landmarks?



Paris Luxembourg Gardens - Exploringrworld.comLuxembourg Gardens Paris - Exploringrworld.com

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Abrianna at

Those gardens are beautiful. I am not surprised that there is a Statue of Liberty there since the French gave us the statue.

Carol at

The palace is gorgeous. I would expect the palace to be surrounded by beautiful gardens and your photos are lovely.

Felicia at

Oh wow what a beautiful place. I would love to see the inside of the palace. the gardens are gorgeous and how neat you can sail boats in the water like that.

image-in-ing: weekly photo linky at

From looking at your photos, I imagine there are many more than 5 reasons to visit there!
Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/11/a-dream-of-lifetime.html

Tamar Strauss-Benjamin at

How gorgeous!!! I love the little boats on the water!!

jesh StG at

It looks familiar – and it looks like Luxembourg! Beautiful buildings. A boy’s dream to play with a real boat in the water:):) Also love the details of the sculptures being displayed! All and all a wonderful post. Thank you so much sharing them with ALL SEASONS:) Have a beautiful week!

Ruth at

What a fabulous place! My only trip to Paris was so short that I didn’t have time to stop by places like this. I would love to visit one day. I can’t resist palaces and gardens. #WordlessWednesday

bettyl - NZ at

Oh, my, I would love to wander about there and see the sights. What fabulous, old-world architecture.

Mandy at

I’ve only ever viewed them from above via hotel room, but your photos make me want to actually make a point of seeing it in person! So lovely! 🙂

Karen at

It is a wonderful park and I remember my children having a lot of fun at the pond with the little boats.I have not been there for some time now – thank you for taking us along.

Lisa at

You captured the gardens so well!! So much better than I did. I wish I would have taken better photos.

Lisa @ LTTL


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