Lake Tahoe Skunk Harbor

Lake Tahoe Hike to Skunk Harbor

posted by Sharon June 30, 2019 42 Comments

On a trip to Lake Tahoe in Nevada at the beginning of summer, we found a secluded trail new to us called Skunk Harbor. This trail starts just off the…

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Coronado Summer Concerts San Diego

Coronado Summer Concerts in the Park

posted by Sharon June 23, 2019 24 Comments

Picture a balmy summer evening in the park on Coronado, a delightful island connected to San Diego, California by a curving bridge. People arrive with baskets of food and bright-colored…

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Getty Center, Los Angeles

Art and Gardens at the Getty Center

posted by Sharon May 19, 2019 31 Comments

The Getty Center is a sprawling campus that is enjoyable to visit. While the architecture of the campus is stunning, there’s more to explore. The buildings house permanent collections of…

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Normandy France

Reasons for a Return Visit

posted by Sharon April 27, 2019 25 Comments

When you plan your travels, sometimes you want to go somewhere you’ve never been. And sometimes you want to make a return visit. We each have only one lifetime, and…

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