Fun Things to Do in Santa Barbara

Fun Things to Do in Santa Barbara

October 23, 2020 12 Comments

Santa Barbara, known as the “American Riviera,” offers a variety of fun things to do on your visit. This small, elegant beach-side city is just a two-hour drive north of…

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What to pack for a road trip

What to Pack for a Road Trip

October 16, 2020 5 Comments

Road trips are a way to have lots of fun and enjoy new discoveries from the comfort of your car. How I love to zip along through wide open spaces,…

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Omaha Beach Normandy France

Reasons to Visit Normandy, France

July 31, 2020 19 Comments

Normandy, France is a quiet region just west of Paris. It reaches to the coast along the English Channel and is home to farms and towns, rivers and bridges, historic…

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San Diego Walks - Torrey Pines

Easy and Enjoyable San Diego Walks

June 19, 2020 26 Comments

San Diego walks will certainly be part of your itinerary in this city. Skies are so often sunny, temperatures are moderate year-round, and you can happily be out in nature…

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