A Day in Old Town San Diego

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Old Town San Diego

San Diego Old Town preserves a piece of the history of this California coastal city. You can travel back to the mid 1800s as you stroll the wide streets and wooden sidewalks. Buildings from this era are open to the public.

Spanish History

Old Town San Diego is thought of the first “city” in the entire state. A Spanish settlement formed after Father Junipero Serra set up the first in a line of 21 missions here. The vivid colors of Mexico and lovely tile work can be found everywhere.

The Haunted Whaley House

One of the favorites is the Whaley House. It’s haunted, you know. Whether or not you believe this, the old house is without a doubt the site of a store, a hotel, and a hanging.

School children arrived by the busload to learn about Old Town. They loved hearing about the exact spot where Yankee Jim swung by the neck.

Historic Buildings

This area offers 36 museums and historic homes and buildings. The first brick courthouse is here, along with an old one-room schoolhouse. Beautiful casas built in Spanish-style architecture are open to tour. Here is the cozy Creole Cafe. The owner, Mark Binh, happened onto the porch and was happy to pose for a photo. You’ll find more than 30 restaurants to choose from in Old Town San Diego, many offering specialty menus. It’s easy to find restaurants that serve authentic Mexican food.

The stable fascinates me.

If you’re in the area, be sure to spend some time here.Enjoy the Mexican cafes that line the streets offer yummy enchiladas and Margaritas. Shop for specialty soaps, candles, and other gifts. Tour historic buildings. And take in a show at the Old Town Theater. There’s so much to explore!

How about you? Does your town display its history?



San Diego California Old Town - Exploringrworld.com
Old Town San Diego Caliornia - Exploringrworld.com
San Diego Old Town - Exploringrworld.com
Old Town San Diego - Exploringrworld.com

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Tamar Strauss-Benjamin at

What a cool place to explore and learn about where you live!

Cathy at

Wonderful photos and what an exciting place to visit! Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

Susanne at

Lovely houses and buildings!!! I actually posted some photos from our town today too. Not as many as you, as it was freezing cold when I was out and I didn’t want to walk around for too long. But I love old buildings and when towns let their older houses remain there. So many towns in my country have demolished everything old, instead of renovating it, and it kind of erases the history and the town’s identity.

Lisa at LTTL at

What a fun little town. I think I wouldn’t know where to start. We would take a lets go down this side first :-). The stairs are my favorite shot.

Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens

Marti at

Our town displays its history, but not as well as that. Beautiful photos. I love the tiled stairs.

image-in-ing: weekly photo linky at

There’s a lot of character in this place – charming!
Thanks for sharing these great shots at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/02/old-san-juan-pigeon-park.html. Now won’t you please send some warm weather our way as well?

Karen at

I used to love to visit Old Town San Diego as a child. Last time I was there, all my favorite restaurants were gone, but I’m sure the food is still good. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Visiting through Wordless Wednesday.

elizabethfstewart at

I’d love to head back down there soon! I didn’t get to see this part of San Diego on our last trip.

Jackie at

Gorgeous photos of a great place. We were there 2 years ago thanks for the memories!!

tomthebackroadstraveller at

Lovely collection of treasures…please consider linking to Tuesday’s Treasures.

Margy at

The red pump looks a lot like the blue one I have at my kitchen sink at the cabin. I used to love to go to San Diego Old Town. There was a tea shop there way back that had the best loose teas to buy. I always got one with rose hips that I loved. – Margy

Mitzi at

How fun!…you just don’t see old towns like this very much anymore! Love it!

stardust at

How so beautiful and attractive the details of the Old Town of San Diego! I like to learn about history and this is the place I’ll definitely go when I visit California. The appearance of 1800s is quite different from that of my country. I live in a city which was the capital of Japan in 8th century and survived as religious and resort place after the capital was moved to Kyoto. Simple stroll makes you feel back in history.


Marie-AZ at

I didn’t know there was an Old Town San Diego! I will have to visit there some time. It looks wonderful! Great pictures. You have certainly piqued my interest! 🙂

Ida P. Krause at

I love places like this. You learn so much.

Kelleyn at

Love old town San Diego!

June at

What a bright and colorful history, Sharon! Much like that of ours here in San Antonio. Have a wonder-filled week!

Abrianna at

Beautiful photos-very similar to old town where I used to live in the midwest. Where I am now we have buildings from the very first forming of America.

Dina at

San Diego is definitely on my bucket list! So, so beautiful!!

Stephanie at

Fantastic. And oh, those stairs – aren’t they great? Looks a fab place to visit. #LTTL

Kim Cunningham at

I love those tiles on the steps!

Pat at

I visited Old Town San Diego a couple years ago and found it very interesting. It’s nice when a town keeps a record of its roots, and preserves places from the past.

Carolyn Leffler at

Sharon, you captured the essence of one of my favorite places! I miss Flynn’s Candle Shop and some of the other shops and restaurants. I was dropping friends at the airport on this past Halloween and stopped in early in the morning, warmed myself by an outdoor fireplace, and enjoyed all the sights and decorations for Day of the Dead before the crowds arrived on the actual day! Beautiful!! Of course, I ate, too! 🙂

Emma at

I loved San Diego and especially Old Town. Such a great place to experience a break from the city. San Diego is definitely my favorite US city so far

Ilene Modica at

Living part time in Phoenix, Arizona – we visit San Diego a lot. Great place. Thanks for great information about places I’ve yet to visit there!

Sarah Camp at

Everyone I know who has been to San Diego RAVES about it. I haven’t been to much of the States (I’m on Ontario) but there is clearly tons to see! What a neat place to visit – like transporting back in time!

Lekha Chellani at

I have been to the west coast a couple of times but never had a chance to explore San Diego.. Would love to visit all the places you have shared!

Francesca at

This looks like such an amazing place to visit and full of history too!

The Discovery Nut at

Thank you for sharing all the nice photos! This makes me miss San Diego even more 🙁


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