The Historic Farmers Market in the Heart of Los Angeles

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Farmers Market, Los Angeles

Farmers Market in downtown Los Angeles is not only a permanent food market, but it’s also a must-see attraction. Open every day, Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax is the place to grab a morning coffee, a quick lunch, or a sweet snack. The clock tower has been beckoning visitors since 1934, and you’re welcome to be part of the tasty tradition.

The narrow, uneven lanes of stalls provide any kind of cuisine you can imagine. Perch on a stool or grab a chair and enjoy your food in this colorful atmosphere.Farmers Market, Los Angeles

Farmers Market, Los Angeles Farmers Market, Los Angeles

Farmers Market, Los AngelesFarmers Market, Los AngelesFarmers Market, Los Angeles

Farmers Market, Los Angeles Healthy choices are here, too.Farmers Market, Los Angeles

If it’s just a cup of coffee you’re after, this one-of-a-kind stand has a long history of java goodness. Farmers Market, Los Angeles

Du-par’s Restaurant Is Still Here

Anchoring one corner of Farmers Market is Du-par’s Restaurant and Bakery, which opened here in 1938. Du-par’s is famous for their hotcakes served with maple or boysenberry syrup. These are so popular that the restaurant prepares them 24 hours a day and keeps the secret recipe “under lock and key.” Farmers Market, Los AngelesFarmers Market, Los Angeles

Marilyn Monroe Was Here

This year marks 85 years of the original Farmers Market here, and it’s still going strong.Farmers Market, Los Angeles

A display traces what’s happened here, complete with photos. In the 1880s, A. F. Gilmore bought two dairy farms on this land. In 1900, Gilmore drilled for water and discovered oil. That’s why Gilmore’s gas station is here today. Farmers Market, Los Angeles

During the ups and downs of the Great Depression, the oil business waned. Then two entrepreneurs had an idea. They invited farmers to circle their trucks with produce and open a market. Farmers Market was born and served as a grocery store for locals before becoming a permanent place for food and fun.Farmers Market, Los Angeles

You learn that visitors have included Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and the Beatles. And president Dwight D. Eisenhower was fascinated by the peanut butter machine at Magee’s Nuts back in the 1950s. Farmers Market, Los Angeles

Farmers Market, Los AngelesThe Grove Is Where You Find Elegance

If you want to experience contemporary dining and shopping, you’re in luck, because you can step from Farmers Market right into The Grove. This is an upscale area of restaurants, stores, and theaters that was added on the end of Farmers Market in 2002. We ate lunch at the Marmalade Cafe, sitting on the patio and enjoying the bustle of people out and about. Farmers Market, Los Angeles

Farmers Market, Los AngelesFarmers Market, Los AngelesFarmers Market, Los AngelesFarmers Market, Los AngelesEnjoy Echoes of the Past

If you’re anything like me, though, you’ll soon be drawn back to the old Farmers Market. Sure, a Starbucks now sits below the iconic clock tower. But here you can hear the echoes of those who have wandered these lanes through the decades. They’ve munched on bar-b-qued chicken, slurped down a bowl of noodles, licked a melting ice cream cone. If you’re in the area, join the crowds. Grab whatever food you fancy. Take a rickety seat. People watch. I think you’ll enjoy yourself. Farmers Market, Los Angeles

Farmers Market, Los AngelesFarmers Market, Los AngelesFor more information on hours and a complete list of restaurants and merchants, visit the Farmers Market website.


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Tamar Strauss-Benjamin at

What an awesome place to explore!

Carol at

It looks like great fun – I love farmer’s markets!

Eileen Wise at

Hello, wonderful images of the farmers market! Coffee, donuts and tacos are some of my favorites! Enjoy your day and I wish you a happy new week!

Fun 60 at

Really sorry I missed this when I was in LA.

Junieper/Jesh at

In case you may not know it: I favor the ambience of San Diego, but I like the Old World feel of this Market! Did once look up this French crepe place, but since it was not a “restaurant” type we thought the crepes might not be the “meal” it is in Sacramento I once posted. Great details, Sharon – showing what I missed to share with All Seasons, haha:) Have a great week!

William Kendall at

That’s a marvelous market!

Lady Fi at

Looks very charming!

Patrick Weseman at

So very cool. I need to go down there.

Photo Cache at

Someday I wish I could visit this place, and the rest of LA and nearby cities.

Sandra Nachlinger at

I can imagine eating my way through that market. Love the colorful photos. Delicious!
My post features a hike at Mount Rainier Natl Park.

betty - NZ at

What a great place to spend some time. It looks like there’s something for everybody. A hidden gem that you don’t usually hear about, so thanks for sharing.

It’s great to see you at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week!

Esther at

This looks absolutely delightful!! I would never guess this was LA, it looks so beautiful. I’d definitely check this out if I’d ever visit the city, for sure.

Mandy at

Love your pictures of the Grove. You make me want to return and check it out again! <3

Katherine at

I love a great farmer’s market, especially if it involves ice cream! I’ll have to put the LA Farmer’s Market on my list for our next trip south. #WanderfulWednesday

Scarlett Roitman at

So different to our farmers’ markets over here in London! Very retro-chic, and what a celebrity list.. love the tidbit about Eisenhower’s fascination with the peanut butter machine. #farawayfiles

beatravelling at

This was my first farmers market and my first street food experience. Loved it! #wanderfulwednesday

Lauren at

Oh this is sooooo up my alley! I may be in LA in a few weeks, and would LOVE to check this out! Thanks for sharing and putting it on my radar 🙂

Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net) at

I absolutely love the LA Farmer’s Market! Going there as a kid is likely what started my lifelong love for markets. It’s always one of the first things we seek out in a new city, and often is the thing we remember most, and visit most. Thanks for this great trip down memory lane, and encouragement to get back to LA and the market!

Rhonda Albom at

This looks like a really fun area. I know I have eaten at one of the restaurants nearby but I have never wandered through the market. Next time I will stop and have a look.

Ujjainee at

Wow, it is a very big farmers’ market in LA. So much things and these kind of markets are really inspiration for other countries .

Linda (LD Holland) at

We do love to visit farmers markets when we travel. We do love to grab fresh food and people watch. Good to know that the one in Los Angeles includes a permanent food market. Coffee and a hotcake at Du-par’s Restaurant would be a great way to start.

Katie at

I love to find places like this to grab some food and learn more about the specialties in the area – it’s pretty much my favorite thing to do on vacation!

Erin Gustafson | Oregon Girl Around the World at

I love the sense of history here. I definitely down to try the tacos! We love strolling through food markets when we travel – gives you such a good sense of food culture in a place. Funny how many times I’ve been to LA and never been to this! Definitely a must-do next time. Thanks for sharing – cheers from here. #FarawayFiles

Ujjainee at

This farmers market is so big and there is a lot of variety of items . This can be a model in my country to build a farmers market like this, thanks for sharing.

Ariana- World of Travels with Kids at

This looks like so much fun! But also very established for a market #MondayEscapes

Renata at

I remember visiting the market, it was great! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to cook my own meal in LA so I didn’t stock up on produce, but the food stalls were very good, too.

Keri | Ladies What Travel at

This brought back memories – it’s been such a long time since I visited LA last. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! #FarawayFiles

Elizabeth (Wander Mum) at

This sounds great and I love the history behind it. A great place to people watch and remember all the others who have been there. #mondayescapes

Shona Grant at

I absolutely love the Farmers Market, Sharon and you’ve brought back some fantastic memories of heading there with a hangover. LOL. I used to be in LA every 6 months and it’s the first spot I’d go to. Thanks for the history lesson. I had no idea it was 85 years old and sat on an oil field. Love this article!

Cynthia, Adventuring Woman at

I didn’t make it here my first visit to LA, but this is a great recommendation to hightail it over next time! Being a big pancake lover, I’m especially intrigued by the secret recipe Du-par’s hotcakes! Love all the old signage and neon. Great photos, you captured the atmosphere!

Anna at

I always enjoy farmers markets, but haven´t got a chance to visit this one in LA! 85 years a lot! plus Du-par’s Restaurant and Bakery would definitely be my first stop!

Wendy Lee at

I love the LA Farmers Market and have been many times over the years. There is an empanada stand that sells the most delicious food. But I admit that I also love The Grove.

Carrie Ann | Should Be Cruising at

I enjoy visiting farmer’s markets when I travel, and this looks like an amazing one. I could definitely spend a couple of hours poking around here:) Love that it has such a long history!

Jenn | By Land and Sea at

I love farmer’s markets like this! I think I visited this one when I was a kid!!

Ann Plans Travel at

I loved hearing about your experience at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles. I loved the variety of food and things to do at this particular farmers market and plan to visit next time I’m in Los Angeles.

Stephanie at

I LOVE MARKETS. This is definitely going on my LA bucket list. So many delicious looking snacks and alllll the coffee! Thanks so much for sharing.

Attaliah at

I love the farmers market!!


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