Monterey and the Lone Cypress

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Monterey Bay

The rugged coastline of Monterey  features deep blue waters and rocks worn smooth by the pounding of waves.

MontereyMonterey MontereyMonterey

The bay, sheltered from winds and weather, is a peaceful place. Across this bay lies the area of Monterey known as Cannery Row, made famous by novelist John Steinbeck.

Monterey Bay Cannery Row

The tip of the land curves and juts out and the restless sea bashes against the coast. Here the scene is not at all peaceful but the raw power of the water leaves us in awe. A scenic drive winds through the coastline here in the Pebble Beach area. Known as the 17-Mile Drive, this route takes you past landmarks along the water. When you enter at any of the 5 gates, you’ll get a brochure detailing the sights. The cost is $10 per car.


The most famous attraction of the 17-Mile Drive is a tree. Somehow, on the edge of this rocky land, a tree took root more than 200 years ago. It grew, seemingly out of stone, and survives in spite of great odds. Perched alone on the cliff, it’s known as the Lone Cypress. People come from all over to view this testament to tenacity.

Monterey Lone Cypress

The tree is now fenced off so visitors can’t get close, and cables secure the tree atop its rocky ledge. The Lone Cypress is obviously in a fragile spot, but still it stands tall. In the storms of the rainy winter of 2019, one of the branches fell. But arborists say the tree itself is still fine.

Monterey Lone Cypress


If you are in the Monterey Bay area, take the time to explore along the 17-Mile-Drive. You’ll find that the coast of Monterey is a refreshing picture of life and beauty amid chaos, with that single tree still thriving.







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Tamar Strauss-Benjamin at

What a gorgeous, gorgeous place!!
Thanks for linking up!

jandi @ohmydearests at

stunning images! makes me want to go there! now! have a lovely week!

Mersad at

Wonderful summer sights from the beach! Thank you for linking in with “Through my Lens”.

Maria at

Sharon, such beautiful photos

image-in-ing: weekly photo linky at

Beautiful, Sharon~ I wish I was there!
Thanks for joining us at

Gail Romaine at

I love your metaphor calling the Lone Cypress a “testament to tenacity,” and your reminder to “us that we can stay strong as troubled waters swirl all around.” Great photos and writing, Sharon!

Lisa at

Gaaaahhhhhh, so, so pretty Sharon.

Annnnnd, I love your blog remake. It is perfect.

Lisa @ LTTL

Rhonda Albom at

Beautiful location and stunning photos. I love the one with all the birds.

Elizabeth Stewart at

Such beauty! The lone tree is a wonderful spiritual lesson, too!

bettyl - NZ at

I always enjoy seeing the coastlines of other countries. They are similar but different to mine. It is so amazing that the tree still hangs on in that precarious place!

Ruth at

I love this area! It has to be one of California’s more beautiful places. I want to go back to Point Lobos and Carmel.

jeanne at Backyard Neighbot at

Hello Sharon. Your photos are wonderful and the lone tree is a wonder that makes one think and ponder. We took that long drive along the coast when we drove to see the Hearst Mansion. We drove from San Francisco. An awesome drive.
Thank you for joining Blue Monday.

Nano @ #TravelWithNanoB at

Hello Sharon! Your photos do real justice to the beauty of Monterey, beautiful photography, especially water hitting the cliffs. The USA has been blessed with many gorgeous spots, but Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel and Pebble Beach areas will always be one of my favorites.

Buckeroomama at

My word –what a beautiful place! Wish we could have driven further from SF to check this out. Next time…

Kim Gorga at

I always love seeing all the beautiful photos and then your “something to think about” at the very end.

merlanne at

How wonderful, the blue sky, the blue water, the landscape. The place is a beauty.

handmade by amalia at

Gorgeous. I so want to go in.

грузоперевозки at

Such a locally rooted, landscape-loving family must feel an intimate connection to the most-photographed cypress ever, right?

Anya at

Loved this post, Sharon! I have just moved to GA after living in Monterey for almost 3 years. I miss it dearly. Gorgeous photos!

Farrah at

The Monterey/Carmel area = one of my favorite places in the world. <3 Your photos are gorgeous (+ I still need to check out that tree)!


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