Ghent Belguim

Surprised by Vibrant Ghent

January 3, 2020 24 Comments

From my arrival in this historic place until I reluctantly left, I loved exploring the Belgian city of Ghent. More people talk about neighboring Bruges, but I discovered that Ghent…

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New York City Central Park

Christmastime in New York City

December 21, 2019 10 Comments

Christmas in New York far surpassed even my high expectations. This vibrant city knows how to celebrate, adding lights and colorful displays to heighten the charm and give tourists and…

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San Francisco Fairmont Hotel

Iconic Hotels of San Francisco

December 1, 2019 35 Comments

Touring the lobbies of iconic hotels in San Francisco may not be on a visitor’s itinerary, but I accidentally discovered this is fun and free and makes for a memorable…

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Alcatraz San Francisco

Touring Alcatraz

November 23, 2019 39 Comments

Touring Alcatraz should be top of your list of what to do in San Francisco, even though it may seem strange to plan a visit to a former maximum security…

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Strasbourg France

A Visit to Charming Strasbourg

October 26, 2019 35 Comments

Strasbourg, a fairy tale French city in Alsace, offers the beauty that comes from combining Latin and Germanic cultures. You will find quaint architecture, winding cobbled lanes dating back to…

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Apple Days Julian California

Apple Days in Julian California

October 13, 2019 22 Comments

Julian, a small mountain town in Southern California, sprang to life when gold was discovered here in the 1860s. Known for its pioneer storefronts, wooden sidewalks, and historic sites, Julian…

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Honfleur Normandy France

The Old Harbor of Honfleur

October 6, 2019 34 Comments

Honfleur, a charming French town, sits where the Seine River flows into the English Channel, in the northern part of Normandy. Founded by Vikings in the 800s, Honfleur has served…

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