Concord Old North Bridge

Beautiful Bridges to Enjoy

posted by Sharon February 2, 2019 41 Comments

Bridges come in all styles, shapes, and sizes, made of stone, wood, or cast iron. What makes a bridge iconic? What draws us to cherish any certain bridge? While they…

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Rodin Museum Paris

Exploring the Rodin Museum

posted by Sharon January 20, 2019 36 Comments

The Rodin Museum in Paris in its updated style, houses sculptures, drawings, and work in progress of Auguste Rodin. The museum is in the former Hotel Biron estate, where the…

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Walking the Wall in Rothenburg

posted by Sharon January 13, 2019 30 Comments

Want to step out of the present and enter the world of Medieval Germany? Rothenburg ob der Tauber offers you the perfect opportunity. The old town of Rothenburg, with its…

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Paris Doors

A Look at Paris Doors

posted by Sharon January 6, 2019 33 Comments

Paris intrigues me with its beauty but more than anything else, I love discovering the layers of generations of lives and events of Paris. Wandering the streets of this venerable…

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San Francisco Christmas

San Francisco at Christmastime

posted by Sharon December 16, 2018 24 Comments

Holiday greetings from San Francisco! We took Tyler, age 10, on an adventure last week to enjoy the sights of the City by the Bay. And we found merry Christmas…

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San Diego Harbor Cruise

Views on a San Diego Harbor Cruise

posted by Sharon December 9, 2018 26 Comments

My family recently gifted us with a San Diego harbor cruise—the perfect way to enjoy two hours in our home city. Out on the water, you see the San Diego…

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Eiffel Tower Paris

Climbing Up Into the Eiffel Tower

posted by Sharon December 2, 2018 32 Comments

Did you know you can climb iron stairs right up into the iconic Eiffel Tower? On previous visits we had taken the elevator, which whisks you up to the two…

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Vienna St Stephens

Arriving in Vienna

posted by Sharon November 24, 2018 43 Comments

As a first-time Vienna visitor, I wanted to take in some of the sights by walking the center of this historic city. If you find yourself arriving in Vienna with…

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Luxembourg Cemetery and Memorial

posted by Sharon November 15, 2018 21 Comments

Enter the gates of the Luxembourg American Cemetery and you are on rich green lawns surrounded by acres of woods. White crosses stand in memorial to the soldiers who gave…

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