London Eye

Finding the Best City Views in Europe

posted by Sharon June 17, 2018 28 Comments

Don’t you love a good viewpoint that looks down on a city and its landmarks? Europe is full of good views, whether they are from cathedral domes, bell towers, or…

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Tower of London

5 European Castles to Explore

posted by Sharon June 3, 2018 52 Comments

Europe is known for an abundance of castles. In my home country, the U.S., we are too new to have participated in the era of castles, so I’m always fascinated…

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Washington DC Lincoln Memorial

Walking the Washington Mall

posted by Sharon May 20, 2018 42 Comments

The two-mile green strip of land in Washington, DC that reaches from the Capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial is a National Park and a great place to walk and…

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New York Central Park

New York’s Central Park Mall

posted by Sharon April 29, 2018 33 Comments

Just a year ago this week we stayed in New York City, and every day I visited Central Park. Springtime, when trees burst into bloom, is a lovely season in…

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Prague Old Town Square

How to Spend 2 Days in Prague

posted by Sharon April 22, 2018 43 Comments

Prague is known not only for its old-world charm but also for its crowds of people there to see what all the fuss is about. So how can you enjoy…

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Prague Charles Bridge

Visiting the Charles Bridge in Prague

posted by Sharon April 15, 2018 43 Comments

The Charles Bridge carries a history involving flood after flood, battles, beheadings, and statues of saints. It is the oldest bridge across the Vltava River in Prague and was once…

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5 Reasons to Visit Cinque Terre

posted by Sharon April 8, 2018 53 Comments

Have you considered a visit to Italy’s Cinque Terre? These five fishing villages hug the cliffs above the Mediterranean and were somewhat a mystery to me when I first heard…

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