When You Don’t Have Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers

posted by Sharon June 23, 2011 0 comments

When’s the last time you wanted to stop and smell the flowers but just didn’t have time? For me, it was last week on moving day for my daughter. I helped sort belongings and tape bins shut, and piles of boxes and belongings grew.

I carried one load after another down the sidewalk, to my car.

We all kept moving quickly because we rented a truck just for the day, and the two helpful and polite movers worked on the clock.

So we all kept going, and I continued lugging stuff, filling up my car. On one of my focused, hurried trips down the sidewalk, huffing from what was probably more than a sensible load, I suddenly noticed a delicious scent filling the air. A blooming bank of jasmine lined the sidewalk. Subtle fragrance from tiny white blossoms cheered me on and lightened my load.

Walking back, I looked up and there was a whole flowerbed of color.

Pink azaleas and yellow snapdragons,

periwinkle agapanthus, and of course, the jasmine.

Schlepping boxes suddenly became more fun. I enjoyed the sidewalk trips more, and happily filled my car. I was too busy to stop and take it all in, but the fragrance kept me company as I kept on in Sherpa mode.

The apartment finally emptied out. The truck stood full. My car was packed to the top. We all ventured to the new home and began to fill it up with the stuff of a life. 

The new place will really become home when friends come for dinners and parties and just to hang out. New memories will be forged here. Loads will be lightened when folks relax in the green of the cozy balcony. And subtle delights like jasmine will fill the air and the space.

Even if we’re busy and can’t stop, we can smell the flowers, if we just notice. What tiny delight has lightened your day recently?

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