The Gift of a Voice

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Matt reports that Hunter debuted in this world with admirable screaming. Not as loud as his big sister when she arrived, but he announced himself in a fine and respectable (and healthy) manner. And then he dozed.

 Still at the hospital, Matt puts his phone on speaker and calls home to tell the 3 munchkins that brother Hunter is born. Excited, all 3 scream into the phone in a vast crescendo that wakes up Hunter, who promptly joins in the chorus from his hospital blanket-cocoon.

Day 2: Hunter apparently learns to speak. He channels the crying voice into a call to action to all of his fellow newborns.


We’re born with a voice. Born crying, screaming, expressing. Words come with the years. We reach out to each other by building bridges of word on word. We learn to build strong and sometimes we hurl words without thinking and destroy what we’ve built. It takes a lifetime for most of us to learn much about just how to use our words.

Dear newborn boy, you’ll soon be learning to shape your voice into words. You’ll use them to express yourself in this world. Use them for good. From the first “Mama” and “Papa,” use your words to connect with your family, your friends. Use them to talk to the Word who was in the world from the beginning of time; he came as a baby boy himself, with a newborn cry much like yours.

 We’re all born with a voice, crying out to communicate. Such a gift!

 And a warm blanket is pretty nice, too.


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