Berlin Tiergarten

Relaxing in the Tiergarten in Berlin

posted by Sharon October 29, 2017 20 Comments

The Tiergarten in central Berlin is an oasis of greenery and ponds in the middle of modern buildings of glass and chrome. I’d looked on Google maps before we arrived…

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Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral

posted by Sharon October 22, 2017 32 Comments

The impressive Berlin Cathedral, with its magnificent dome, is a landmark in central Berlin. The church sits among the stately museums on Museum Island, with the Spree River flowing nearby.…

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Berlin Wall Memorial

Berlin Wall Memorial

posted by Sharon October 15, 2017 28 Comments

The Berlin Wall is familiar to us and yet much more complicated than I understood before visiting the Berlin Wall Memorial. The line of the Wall, built in 1961, zigs…

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Reichstag Berlin

Touring the Reichstag

posted by Sharon October 8, 2017 37 Comments

The Reichstag in Berlin is a fascinating pairing of the old and the modern, with layers of history, much like the city itself. Completed in 1894, it housed the government…

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Paris Pantheon

The Stately Paris Pantheon

posted by Sharon October 1, 2017 30 Comments

The Paris Pantheon, modeled on its counterpart in Rome, is in the Latin District of Paris. Originally built as a church, it is also the resting place of Marie Curie,…

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Doors of Paris

The Doors of Paris

posted by Sharon September 24, 2017 40 Comments

Paris is delightful for so many reasons, and one of the fascinations with the city for me is the doors. As you stroll the streets, you’ll notice so many styles…

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Ageless Beauty at Sainte-Chapelle

posted by Sharon September 17, 2017 34 Comments

The beauty of Sainte-Chapelle, in the heart of Paris, amazes all who enter here, but it is easy to miss. From the outside, this chapel that dates from 1248 is…

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Royal Air Force Museum Londona0528a81c0eb58f

The Royal Air Force Museum London

posted by Sharon August 6, 2017 25 Comments

The Royal Air Force Museum London gives you much to explore, with more than 100 aircraft dating back to WWI on display. The museum is on the site of a…

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