Eiffel Tower Paris

Climbing Up Into the Eiffel Tower

posted by Sharon December 2, 2018 32 Comments

Did you know you can climb iron stairs right up into the iconic Eiffel Tower? On previous visits we had taken the elevator, which whisks you up to the two…

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Vienna St Stephens

Arriving in Vienna

posted by Sharon November 24, 2018 43 Comments

As a first-time Vienna visitor, I wanted to take in some of the sights by walking the center of this historic city. If you find yourself arriving in Vienna with…

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Luxembourg Cemetery and Memorial

posted by Sharon November 15, 2018 21 Comments

Enter the gates of the Luxembourg American Cemetery and you are on rich green lawns surrounded by acres of woods. White crosses stand in memorial to the soldiers who gave…

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szechenyi baths Budapest

A Day on the Pest Side of Budapest

posted by Sharon October 28, 2018 33 Comments

Budapest is a city split down the middle by the Danube river. It was two separate cities until 1873. The Buda side of Budapest, with its Castle District, is hilly…

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Castle District Budapest

The Castle District of Budapest

posted by Sharon October 21, 2018 28 Comments

Perched on a hill overlooking the Danube, the Castle District of Budapest dates back more than 700 years. King Bela IV staked his claim here so that he could ward…

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The Beauty of Budapest

posted by Sharon October 13, 2018 41 Comments

Budapest offers much to explore. Our two days there went so quickly. We did cram a lot in, though, and I want to inspire you to visit this intriguing city…

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D'Orsday Paris

The D’Orsay Museum in Paris

posted by Sharon October 5, 2018 39 Comments

The D’Orsay, a gem of an art museum, was just voted on Trip Advisor to be the #1 museum in the world! By happy coincidence, I visited this elegant museum…

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Paris Eiffel Tower

Paris — 5 Favorites

posted by Sharon August 26, 2018 28 Comments

Ah, Paris. This is the #1 city destination for travel, according to the recent Trip Advisor poll. I’ve fallen for the charms of this City of Light, and I’ve included…

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San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco — My Favorites

posted by Sharon August 19, 2018 35 Comments

San Francisco is one city I will never tire of visiting. It’s a city built on steep hills navigated by iconic clanging cable cars. The wharf offers a variety of…

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