Innsbruck Olympic Ski Run

Innsbruck’s Olympic Ski Jump

posted by Sharon February 25, 2018 35 Comments

Innsbruck, Austria hosted the 1976 Winter Olympics and still maintains the Bergisel Olympic ski jump. This lovely town at the foot of the Austrian Alps provides a picturesque place for…

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Lovely Innsbruck

posted by Sharon February 12, 2018 37 Comments

Innsbruck is a gem in the west of Austria that is often overlooked by travelers. It’s definitely worth a visit, though, for many reasons. And not the least is the…

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Palm Springs Air Museum

Palm Springs Air Museum

posted by Sharon February 5, 2018 28 Comments

The Palm Springs Air Museum is “where history comes alive,” as the museum says. In the four hangars of this 20-year-old museum, planes from WWII are on display. And every…

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Prague Old Jewish Cemetery

Prague’s Old Jewish Cemetery

posted by Sharon January 21, 2018 43 Comments

Prague’s Old Jewish Cemetery has a mystic atmosphere all its own. The tombstones, dating from 1439 to the late 1700s, sit nestled in crowded, lopsided clumps. The inscriptions are worn…

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Prague Charles Bridge

Prague’s Heroes of WWII

posted by Sharon January 7, 2018 39 Comments

Prague escaped damage during WWII, so what we see strolling along the lanes and in the town square are genuinely historic shops and churches and restaurants, rather than new versions…

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